A multipassionate filmmaker

My name is Johan Claesson and I am a filmmaker from Jönköping, Sweden. I have been working professionally as a filmmaker for over ten years. In my line of work I am involved in almost all aspects of filmmaking: from directing and cinematography to editing and color grading.

I also do motion design, animation, sound design and music production (check out wavedamage.com to listen to my music). Call it jack of all trades, multipassionate or multitalented – either way, I enjoy working from idea to finished product. I currently work at Saga / Ny Studio

Contact me: | Follow me: vimeo.com/johanc

Making films with strong focus on storytelling

I mostly work with corporate films, branded content, mini documentaries and online video ads.

I believe that with strong storytelling and by thinking outside the box, you can make corporate films that are enjoyable to watch. Even for people outside the company or business.

Technical skills

At work, my main camera is the Red Scarlet-W digital cinema camera, but I also work with Blackmagic and DSLR cameras or even mobile phones, if the project demands it. I am also a gimbal operator and a licensed drone pilot.

I do my editing in Premiere Pro and use Davinci Resolve for color grading. For motion design and VFX I use After Effects and Reason for music production.